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Museum of Islamic Civilization

Museums can be defined as institutions that can be both public and private; that inside contain a large number of works or artifacts that belonged to great artists. Or that they simply marked an era. Each of them shows us a little of their history; depending on the person, it is understood in a different way. Of course there are many museums in the world that give something to talk about; but very few like the Museum of Islamic Civilization. One of the favorite museums of foreigners as well as Sharjah’s inhabitants.

This museum, opened in 2008. There was a building in the old Al Majarrah bazaar. However, it is now a state-of-the-art museum. This is located in the historic center of the city, on the Paseo Marítimo de Majarrah. This museum is located on the banks of Sharjah Creek.

In the various pieces of art that we can find in the Museum of Islamic Civilization; A collection of 5 thousand artifacts belonging to the museum from all over the Islamic world will be appreciated. One of the main characteristics of this museum is that we can learn a little more about the exhibits; Because we can enjoy didactic presentations of the objects to be exhibited. As well as through instructional models and infographics; We will be able to better understand the cultural and scientific advance of Islamic civilization in its history and religion.

What does this museum have?

The Museum of Islamic Civilization has a predecessor; The Islamic Museum, established in 1996.

When we talk about the structure that makes up this museum, it has a beautiful dome in the middle, as well as two minarets on both sides, which gives it a modern look in addition to the pieces found in it that explain us the technological progress through which they have passed, to enter does not require large sums of money, which is why many people can visit it, it consists of two large rooms as well as four galleries, where in each of them we will be able to observe from historical artifacts to Art objects, however exhibitions are also held, which are mainly devoted to teaching a bit of history, and the development of the local population.

Most visitors to the Museum of Islamic Civilization are largely people who like history. So you will be very pleased with many of the objects that you can find in the museum’s collection, such as ancient manuscripts and also objects made from ceramics.

It also has a mini-cinema

Another of the objects that can be commonly found in the museum exhibitions are a large number of rugs, which are made by hand, beautiful jewels and models that represent in a quite realistic way the most famous mosques in the world, although , the observation of works of art is not the only thing that can be done in this museum.

Unlike the conventional museums that we all know, the Museum of Islamic Civilization has a mini-cinema, in this, visitors to the museum will be able to see various interesting films based on the themes of the galleries, a more practical way to learn from History, the museum also has a cafeteria, where you can taste the specialties of the nation.

One aspect that increases the comfort of this museum is that it is made of stone. Thanks to all these factors, the Museum of Islamic Civilization is a very interesting place, even for those people who are not interested in this type of thing.

What people think about the Museum of Islamic Civilization

Although there may be various opinions about this museum, most of the opinions are very positive, and this is due to several factors that make visiting this museum one of the best experiences that a foreigner can have.

For many it is a perfect place to get to know a little of Islamic culture, which is very well organized and, together with a professional guide, it is an experience that is fully enjoyed because in this way you can understand several of the objects that get to be exhibited, since many of these can be interesting with the naked eye, so it doesn’t hurt to learn a little about them. It is all these factors that make this museum one of the best visits for adventurers and in search of knowledge of different cultures in the world.

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