Fujairah Tour

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Fujairah Tour

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Tour Itinerary

Fujairah Tour

This pack starts at your hotel, residence, port or airport, where we will come and get you at no cost , so you don't get lost. We ask you to be prepared, wherever you want to be picked up, and from there the Tour will begin.

As it is a private tour , you can modify the route, the schedules or simply let us take you to the most emblematic places of this spectacular city.

Fujeirah is one of the most exotic and unique destinations in the Emirates.

The road to Fujeirah we cross a small mountain range through mountainous roads. Along the way, we can see some oases on the sides.

First stop at the colorful Friday Market with its plants, rugs and all kinds of objects.

We will go to the city of Massafi whose spring gives its name to one of the main water bottlers in the Emirates.

We will arrive at Al Bithnah Fort , raised in the middle of a green oasis.

Food and beach / pool / spa . The free buffet lunch pack (optional) includes a VIP pass to the hotel with access to a private beach, swimming pool, gym and spa area (sauna and jacuzzy). Hammocks, umbrellas, towels and a locker to store personal items are included in the lunch pack. If you choose this pack, you can take a dip in the waters of the Gulf of Oman.

If you do not want this pack, we will take you to an area of ​​restaurants and cafes for you to choose to your liking.

We will take a walk through the city of Fujairah where, in addition to its famous fort , we can also see its beautiful mosques.

During the return to Dubai, we will stop at the famous red sand dunes .

I return to Dubai.

Tour Highlights

  • You will know the east coast of the United Arab Emirates from which the oil giants can see entering the Indian Ocean.
  • We will travel along authentic mountain roads and with its wonderful oases .
  • You can bathe in the waters of the Gulf of Oman (optional with lunch that includes access to the spa, pool, towels ... - see section "In Detail")
  • Being a private tour, you can ask us to change the itinerary as you wish.
  • We will take you to the Friday Market
  • We will stop at the Massafi water spring , which gives its name to the best-selling water brand in the Emirates.
  • We will show you Al Bithnah Fort, located in the middle of a lush oasis.
  • We will show you the city of Fujairah , where in addition to the fort, its mosques are also famous.
  • We will stop before the Red Dunes of the Desert
  • Along the way, we will stop for lunch (optional).
  • Return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before travelling
Request this tour, for any day of the week, and we will confirm you in the shortest possible time. The sooner you request it, the more possibilities we will have to organize it.

In case you are going to be late at the scheduled meeting time, please let us know.

Proper attire : Wear summer clothing. Do not wear tank tops, bring a thin sweater or cardigan if you are going to stay in the shopping malls for more than an hour (dining, strolling, etc.) since the interior temperature is low (sometimes 18 degrees) and you can end up passing cold.
In case of choosing lunch , it should be for everyone who goes on the private tour.
Children and adults: children under 3 years old do not pay.
Pickup and drop-off are free from Dubai city. For other locations, contact us.



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